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Brightening up the Score – Brightline Sponsors Videoconference Product Review Panel

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Brightline LP, the Bridgeville PA, USA. manufacturer of energy-efficient lighting systems is to sponsor the independent video conferencing technical reviews being launched by Telepresence and VC Insight, the leading on-line publication for the video communications marketplace.

Real world reviews of video conferencing, video collaboration and telepresence products will be carried out through a panel of volunteers, all with considerable experience of the application of video conferencing products.

Kathy Katz, joint managing partner at Brightline said “We are a vendor neutral supplier, our only concern is to ensure video communication is as well lit, and thus as effective as possible. It is in everyone’s interest to ensure this is the case, and we are happy to promote and support this venture.”

The Technical Panel is itself vendor neutral, panelists are drawn from distributors, resellers, system integrators and end-users – no vendors are allowed to participate.

On behalf of Telepresence and VC Insight, editor Keith Warburton said “There is usually little point in reviewing a newly released product, it should after all, perform as per specification. The issues come later, those “undocumented features” often to do with compatibility that can bedevil an installation. Our panellists will be using their own direct experience to comment upon real world applications.”

The review process will have several named individuals commenting on each product and awarding them points in several categories. Points will be aggregated to reduce the potential for any bias, and although the reviewers will be identified their individual comments will be anonymous, to encourage frank opinions to be expressed.

Keith Warburton continued, “We currently have a pool of more than 30 panelists from all over the world, including North and South America, Europe, Africa and Australasia, but in order to spread the work we want more volunteers. They don’t have to actually put their hands on the product in order to review it, the requirement is that they should have had previous experience of the items. At the moment there are over 50 products in our target list”.

The first review is expected to be published at www.vcinsight.com on 14th December 2011

About Brightline®

 As a leading manufacturer of energy-efficient lighting systems for broadcast, videoconference, distance-learning, telemedicine, Internet-video-streaming, and color- changing applications, Brightline’s mission is to enable communication through clarity. By providing extremely high quality, cost effective, and environmentally responsible lighting solutions, Brightline helps its customers maximize the efficiencies of diverse technologies and thus realize the full potential of their own visual communications endeavours.

About Telepresence and VC Insight News

VC Insight is the longest established and market leading publication aimed at the VC community, with a global subscriber base. It is unique in featuring a database of Case Studies, utilised by industry professionals and end-users alike.


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