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Brightline Knows What’s In A Name… brightlines.com re-launches this June for its 15th anniversary!

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BRIDGEVILLE, PA–Just a few weeks ago, a leading Emerging Media Strategist was asked,
“What’s pinterest?”
“You DON’T know what it is?  You will.” was her rapid reply.

A few days ago, on May 18th, The Wall Street Journal ran this headline, “$1 Billion Club Gets Crowded Pinterest is Latest Start-Up Hitting Rich Evaluation; Venture Activity Rivals Dot-Com Boom Days

The name is clever.  Pin things of interest, right?  A virtual bulletin board.

And do it digitally and quickly.  So Pinterest is a billion dollar startup because it allows us to share our experiences– likes, dislikes–in a near-instant and transmedia method.  For example, Brightline will be pinning up partner installation photos to share our collective successes in a visual way–open call for your relevant submissions at info@brightlines.com!

The social media field is changing so rapidly that it’s challenging to write about it, none less with auto spell correct not knowing any of the words yet–just as one day, not all that long ago, spellcheck autocorrected the word “Google”.


These days, it’s pretty safe to say that most good WSJ headlines are about social media companies like Pinterest.  As the traditional stock market strives to rebound, web companies like Facebook, Groupon , and Zynga are financially, as well as socially, more viable.   And seemingly suddenly, they’re fueling the next generation of web start- ups–fostering their growth …sharing.


It’s all about enhancing communication isn’t it?  Effectively sharing information.

Whether it’s Pinterest, Facebook, or Brightline.  Even as Brightline approaches its 15th year, emerging social media platforms are changing the way that it connects with and responds to its customers today.


When Brightline’s redesigned website launches in a few weeks, it will feature more social media interfaces, as the company seeks to further embrace its customers and the rapidly-emerging global technology that supports them.


The new Brightline site will provide enhanced clarity, as do its energy conscious lighting products, and as does its namesake, a “bright-line rule”—“a clearly defined standard, the purpose of which is to produce predictable and consistent results in its application.”

Consistently make your video communications perfectly clear.
Predictably achieve IESNA lighting standards in all your applications.
And check-in soon for the new www.brightlines.com.

About Brightline®

 As a leading manufacturer of energy-efficient lighting systems for broadcast, videoconference, e-learning, telemedicine, internet video streaming, and color- changing applications, Brightline’s mission is to enable communication through clarity. By providing extremely high quality, cost effective, and environmentally responsible lighting solutions, Brightline helps its customers maximize the efficiencies of diverse technologies and thus realize the full potential of their own visual communications endeavours.


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Brightline makes energy-efficient lighting fixtures for television broadcast-studio, videoconference, e-learning, and government applications.