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On Location in Pittsburgh with Brightline’s SkyView aka Big Boy

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BRIDGEVILLE, PA —At the SkyView’s 2006 Hollywood debut, the big, green, soft source lit Dave Navarro and his guests on Mania TV’s emerging, internet show, “Spread TV”.

Brightline’s then marketing director, Jon Katz, playfully laughed as the enthusiastic set Lighting Director fist pumped him and said “The Big Boy Rocks!”

And the SkyView’s nickname was born.

Now six years later, when across the country photographers faced the challenge of creating the effect of the sky’s light inside a dark studio in Pittsburgh, PA, the SkyView is their answer.

While the press are hustling for interviews with the hip, cool Dave Navarro, most don’t know that Dennis Marsico was already making art in Merakish in 1968.

Today, over 40 years later, this globally-celebrated photographic artist has brought his art to Pittsburgh, PA. And when he and colleague John Sanderson of John Sanderson Photography needed a large, soft source to light exotic mushrooms, Dennis called Brightline for the SkyView.

Dennis carried the SkyView through the streets of the Strip District, colorful distribution hub to produce wholesalers since the turn of the Century, to Sanderson’s stylish studio, tucked away within the revitalized former Industrial Mecca of the 1830s.

And with the SkyView and the mushrooms in position, Dennis and John had a few beers and began their shoot. “The way the light looked like window light in Tuscany, red wine would have been more appropriate than the beers”, Marsico said, sounding more like Dionigi, his Italian given name, than Dennis.

Sounds like whether it’s in Hollywood or The Burgh, the Big Boy Rocks!

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