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cMe2 Huddle Room Light Offers Broadcasters Affordable Option for Webcasting Studios

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Broadcasters are creating more and more original news content for online audiences. Some stations are allocating part of their newsrooms to small webcasting studios. Others are converting a conference room or small office into a dedicated space for breaking news updates and other content for digital platforms. These webcasting studios can be one-man band operations, with the on-air talent using an integrated production system on a table that’s just out of camera view to produce the program.

These webcasting studios may be small, but they still need the right equipment, including lighting. It’s tempting for a station to setup a light stand, weigh it down with a sandbag, attach a spare Fresnel from the primary studio, and declare it “good enough” for the web. Granted, it’s an inexpensive approach, but it’s not very practical or even safe. Light stands are made to be portable, not permanent. In a confined area, even the most careful on-air personality can kick a light out of place or trip over a tripod leg or light power cord. Plus, if a station tries to create a three-point lighting system, a webcasting studio will get even more crowded.

Brightline has a better approach. The cMe2 LED huddle room light was designed to deliver high-quality light for smaller work spaces. It features on-board dimming and an integrated glare filter to deliver the right amount of soft light for a compact news set. It ships with a credenza stand, so it can be placed on a table in front of the talent if they’re seated during the newscast. With its optional wall mount bracket, the cMe2 can be properly positioned for standing talent – and clears the floor of light stands. The cMe2 is available for just $750 here.

Wall mounted cMe2 lighting fixture, black finish





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