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Lupo is a global leader in the manufacture of LED lighting systems for photography, videography, studio production and TV broadcast.  Since its inception, Lupo has concentrated on producing high-quality lighting fixtures with excellent color-rendering. Many years of research resulted in LED panel lights and Fresnels with above 94 CRI and “True Color” technology.

barndoors superpanel

Brightline is one of the United States distributors for the Italian manufacturer Lupo and is pleased to now offer the new Superpanel.  The Superpanel contains 400 high-quality, surface-mounted LEDs with high-color rendering and high TLCI, optimized especially for photography and video.  The 95 CRI LED Superpanels are available in 3200°, 5600° or Variable Color.

SUPERPANEL emits a huge amount of uniform and surrounding light (22,000 LUX at 1 meter) and, thanks to the exclusive ‘True colors’ technology, casts no unpleasant green, as typical with most standard LED panels. 

The fundamental and exclusive ‘True Colors’ feature eliminates the need for post-production modifications and allows balanced mixing with other light sources (like the sunlight).  SUPERPANEL are dimmable via on-board dials or DMX control with 0 to 100% accuracy, and are ideal for interior studio or exterior outdoor production. 

Extremely lightweight and compact (only 2.3 kg), and easily transportable with the optional padded-bag, Superpanels can be used in every shooting situation, powered by either an edison outlet or the portable battery pack.  The dedicated Lithium-ion battery sustains maximum power for approximately 1.75 hours.


Lupo’s DayLED 650 (50W), DayLED 1000 (90W) DayLED 2000 (280W) LED Fresnels are available in dedicated 3200°K or 5600°K and Variable Color temperatures. The lightweight and rugged fixture is extremely versatile, and focusable from a narrow spot to a wide-beam full flood, and anything in between.

The fixture has a battery-powered option, includes an extremely quiet fan, and is a well-welcomed addition to Brightline’s product offerings.  Yoke, C-clamp and barn doors included. TV-MP stand adapter or pole-operated yoke available as options.

For additional information and to order, contact your Brightline sales contact.

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