Evolutionary Lighting Systems

Studio Lighting

Brightline is acknowledged worldwide as the leading provider of energy-efficient lighting for the television studio.

The company’s preeminent position in the broadcast market is based on the performance and reliability of its products and the depth of its commitment to customer service–as evidenced by a history of proven results. More specifically, from the beginning Brightline has worked to deliver the most visually appealing, cost-effective, controllable, and technologically advanced illumination for the transmission of broadcast images.

  • Brightline has continually engineered, integrated, and refined the latest developments in lamp, ballast, and fixture design to offer the best possible light for today’s digital cameras. In brief, the light produced by the advanced-phosphor fluorescent lamp technology used by Brightline features a color spectrum that gives the camera what it needs and only what it needs–eliminating the infrared and other superfluous wavelengths that can result in image degradation.
  • The best light for the camera is also the best light for on-air talent. Spectral emission is designed for optimal flesh tones, and tight beam-pattern control enables each individual at an anchor desk to have separate intensity levels (to adjust to diverse complexions, for example). In addition, the very low heat generation of Brightline fixtures–as little as 10% of some incandescent sources–keeps on-air subjects and other studio personnel cool and composed while the non-point illumination source makes for greater visual comfort.
  • Energy-efficient lighting offers important cost benefits.

In domains ranging from the fine arts to industrial and architectural design, colored light as a thematic, sculptural, or decorative element is being used with increasing scope and creativity. Brightline’s involvement in this rapidly expanding market grew from the company’s initial expertise in effects lighting and cyclorama wall washing for the television studio, where the demand for consistent color values, stringent control, and precise dimming led to the introduction of the Vidy-award-winning Studio CycSeries fixtures.

The subsequent development of the modular SeriesTWO line opened up a broader range of color-mixing opportunities, which are fast becoming nearly as varied as the number of colors themselves. Brightline’s advanced fluorescent technology produces rich, consistent color values and smooth washes even at very close distances, without the “scalloping” effect common to other lighting modalities. The company’s color-changing systems are currently deployed in a wide array of applications, among them:

  • Decorative effects lighting for lounges, nightclubs, and restaurants.
  • Architectural accent lighting for hotel lobbies, airports, automobile showrooms, retailers, walkways and people movers, and offices.
  • Tonal illumination in schools, hospitals, and other buildings.
  • Exterior color wall washing for hospitality and entertainment properties.
  • Variable-color cyclorama installations (for example, military broadcasting for which cyc wall color can be keyed to dominant uniform hues).

As designers further expand their palette of innovative uses for color, Brightline will continue to refine the total spectrum of high-performance, energy-efficient color-changing products.

Brightline offers real-world, experience-based solutions to meet the needs of its broadcast clients. As part of the company’s customer-service commitment, all designs are proofed with 3-D lighting software (AGI 32) and an integrated QC process is used to verify lighting and control systems. New systems can also be configured to interface with existing controls. Comprehensive on-call tech support can be supplemented with internal project management for complex jobs.



Brightline makes energy-efficient lighting fixtures for television broadcast-studio, videoconference, e-learning, and government applications.