Evolutionary Lighting Systems

Low-Voltage DMX Control

Brightline’s low-voltage control system facilitates an easy-to-set-up lighting system for video applications. Using Class 2 wiring, the 6060 Power Driver can control up to:

  • 22 Individual Flex-T modules (Flex-T fixtures can be ordered with one or two modules), or
  • 7 LED Stealth-T fixtures, or
  • 8 BL.16 fixtures, or
  • 14 LVCI fixtures, or
  • 8 two foot channels of LVP or LMT fixtures

Fixtures are provided with 75-ft of cable that can be trimmed to length. Longer cables are available upon request. Phoenix connectors on the back of the 6060 Power Driver.

Fixture Programming

Brightline stand-alone systems are quoted with a DMX console and wall-mounted playback station. Utilizing the DMX console, or another device with DMX output, set each module to the desired dimming level and record as an individual scene. Up to 16 individual scenes can be recorded to the wall-mounted playback station.


Brightline makes energy-efficient lighting fixtures for television broadcast-studio, videoconference, e-learning, and government applications.