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Brightline Upgrades Deliver Better Lighting for Conference Rooms, Multi-Purpose Space

Bridgeville, Penn. – Jan. 22, 2020 – Brightline, a leading manufacturer of energy efficient lighting systems, today announced an international company focused on transportation services recently upgraded three rooms in its Pittsburgh offices with Brightline LED fixtures. Installed last summer, the new lighting fixtures improved the lighting in two conference rooms and a multi-purpose space.

“Each room had different ceiling aesthetics and requirements,” explained Kathy Katz, Brightline managing partner. “Lighting is supposed to enhance a workspace, not detract from it. As a result, each individual project within the building required different Brightline fixtures to maintain the look of each room, while providing the functionality needed for everyday meetings and videoconferencing sessions.”

In the main conference room, 12 LED VideoPlus flush-mounted fixtures deliver warm 3200K light to complement the wood tones of the walls and furniture. Previously, the room had featured mini-spotlight fixtures in an inefficient pattern design, but Brightline created a more standard pattern on the ceiling.

“The new pattern provides a more unified lighting design,” Katz said. “It provides better lighting angles for videoconferencing and excellent task lighting for other meetings. So far, the feedback has been very positive.”

Brightline added eight Flex-T fixtures to an existing layout in a smaller conference room. There are two LED light modules in each fixture, one configured for videoconferencing and the other for general task lighting. Using the patented articulation feature, each Flex-T was rotated in place in the T-Bar ceiling, so the lights could be positioned for maximum efficiency without have to rearrange the ceiling pattern.

In the multi-purpose space, which is used for larger company meetings, six Brightline BL.16 long-throw LED spotlights were installed to light the stage and lectern area. The space features an open industrialized ceiling, so the lights were mounted on a thread rod. The BL.16 fixtures provide 3200K lighting for the space, but interchangeable cartridges allow the company to change the color temperature to 5600K (daylight) or change the optical field pattern, if needed.

cMe2 Huddle Room Light Offers Broadcasters Affordable Option for Webcasting Studios


Broadcasters are creating more and more original news content for online audiences. Some stations are allocating part of their newsrooms to small webcasting studios. Others are converting a conference room or small office into a dedicated space for breaking news updates and other content for digital platforms. These webcasting studios can be one-man band operations, with the on-air talent using an integrated production system on a table that’s just out of camera view to produce the program.

These webcasting studios may be small, but they still need the right equipment, including lighting. It’s tempting for a station to setup a light stand, weigh it down with a sandbag, attach a spare Fresnel from the primary studio, and declare it “good enough” for the web. Granted, it’s an inexpensive approach, but it’s not very practical or even safe. Light stands are made to be portable, not permanent. In a confined area, even the most careful on-air personality can kick a light out of place or trip over a tripod leg or light power cord. Plus, if a station tries to create a three-point lighting system, a webcasting studio will get even more crowded.

Brightline has a better approach. The cMe2 LED huddle room light was designed to deliver high-quality light for smaller work spaces. It features on-board dimming and an integrated glare filter to deliver the right amount of soft light for a compact news set. It ships with a credenza stand, so it can be placed on a table in front of the talent if they’re seated during the newscast. With its optional wall mount bracket, the cMe2 can be properly positioned for standing talent – and clears the floor of light stands. The cMe2 is available for just $750 here.

Wall mounted cMe2 lighting fixture, black finish





Brightline Adds Zoom-Based Support to Client Services


Bridgeville, Penn. – Dec. 10, 2019 – Brightline, a leading manufacturer of energy efficient lighting systems, today announced it now offers technical support through Zoom for its resellers, integrators, and clients. The cloud-based videoconferencing system allows Brightline to program light fixtures remotely, re-focus, visually diagnose potential issues, and perform other troubleshooting.

“Zoom service is ideal for time-critical issues,” explained Kathy Katz, Brightline managing partner. “You don’t have to struggle through a phone call without visuals or schedule onsite service. Zoom gives us ‘eyes’ in the room.”

Beyond its new Zoom-based technical support, Brightline offers project design and consultation, and through its network, turnkey installation and commissioning services.

“In addition to being a fixture manufacturer, we strive to provide lighting solutions for our partners and clients,” Katz added. “From broadcast studios to large auditoriums, we have the right system and the right people to ensure ideal lighting integration.”

To request a free Zoom technical call, contact technical support at techservice@brightlines.com.

Open Signal Upgrades Main Studio Lighting with Brightline

Bridgeville, Penn. – Nov. 5, 2019 – Brightline, a leading manufacturer of energy efficient lighting systems, today announced Open Signal: Portland Community Media Center, a nonprofit media arts and broadcast center in Portland, Ore., has upgraded the lighting grid in its 2,000-square-foot main studio with 30 Brightline L1.2 SeriesONE LED fixtures. The new lighting was installed in July.

Noah Dorsey, media services manager, said the upgrade in Studio A was prompted by the fan noise of previous lighting fixtures in the studio. “We want the studio environment to be as silent as possible,” he explained. “That was something that had been requested by a lot of producers.”

The new 5600K L1.2 lights are controlled through a DMX console. Open Signal contracted Brightline’s premier Pacific Northwest systems integrator, Advanced Broadcast Solutions (ABS), a division of Key Code Media, to supply the new lighting. Dorsey said the lighting “looks dynamic but not so stylized that it can’t be applied to multiple shows.”

Open Signal has outfitted its main studio with Brightline L1.2 SeriesONE LED fixtures.

Bruce Aleksander, a lighting director hired by ABS for the Open Signal project, said the decision to use soft lights throughout Studio A was based on the need for versatility and accessibility for the wide variety of producers who use the space. Though some productions use an ellipsoidal light for show-specific gobo projection accents, the main lighting is generally not altered.

“Normally, I use a combination of hard and soft lights,” Aleksander explained. “Portrait lighting – that’s the perfect look for the main anchor position on a news set. But that’s not what Open Signal needed. They needed a loosely defined area. We gave them the base that they could use and do almost anything anywhere within the area.”

Studio A also features a large chromakey cyc, and Dorsey said the L1.2 lights are “perfect” for green screen effects and VR environments. “We love them. They live up to the name ‘Brightline’ – they’re super bright,” added Dorsey. “We almost never use them at full capacity. We’ve gotten nothing but positive feedback from producers.”

Originally, Aleksander had considered using different lights for the cyc, but he got better results with the Brightline fixtures. “I thought I was going to have to supplement them with additional cyc lights to wash the back wall,” he recalled. “It turned out the L1.2 had enough kick and spread to do the job for me, and it was smoother than doing it with the cyc lights.”

Aleksander said the Brightline LED SeriesONE fixtures are his soft lighting tools of choice. “Currently, I do a lot of television studios, and there are things that you want a soft light to be,” Aleksander explained. “The L1.2 and L1.4 have a tremendous amount of punch, and they’re dead quiet because they have no fan. They use a remote phosphor technology that is just absolutely smooth and beautiful – and holds up over time.”

A community-based PEG (public, education, government) organization, Open Signal produces programming for five cable channels that reach 400,000 homes in the Portland area. Dorsey estimated the facility produces about 20 shows per week between Studio A, which has five full-size studio cameras, and Studio B, which has three PTZ cameras.

The L1.2 LED studio lighting fixture and its twice as powerful complement – the L1.4 – are available in 3200K or 5600K. Designed for broadcast and videoconferencing, the products offer high-quality lighting (>95 CRI) with DMX control. Weighing less than 13 pounds, the compact fixtures are constructed with 100 percent aluminum in the United States.


NRG Management to Represent Brightline in Quebec

Bridgeville, Penn. – Sept. 17, 2019 – Brightline, a leading manufacturer of energy efficient lighting systems, today announced NRG Management will represent the company in Canada throughout the province of Quebec, including the Ottawa region. With three offices throughout the area, NRG focuses on lighting solutions for architectural and industrial markets, including hospitals, hotels, office buildings, and schools.

“Videoconferencing is gaining importance in the business world, as companies work to reduce their travel footprint,” said Marc Desparois, president, NRG Management. “Brightline has a wide range of affordable products that provide the quality of light needed for videoconferencing. It’s a great new market segment for us, and we’re excited to address this growing trend.”

Brightline Flex-T Recessed Lighting

From the Flex-T recessed lighting panel for drop ceilings and drywall to the new cMe2 huddle room light that includes stand and wall mounting options, NRG will handle sales and support of Brightline’s complete product line. “This partnership is a valuable opportunity to expand our presence in Canada, particularly for companies that are adopting advanced AV technologies,” added Kathy Katz, Brightline managing partner. “We look forward to working with NRG to bring better lighting to commercial facilities in Montreal, Ottawa, and beyond.”

About Brightline
A leading manufacturer of energy-efficient lighting systems for broadcast, videoconference, e‑learning, and government, Brightline’s mission is to enable communication through clarity. With more than 5,000 customers in over 35 countries, Brightline specializes in enhancing the presentation of visual images by providing high quality, environmentally responsible, and cost-effective evolutionary lighting solutions. Get enlightened at brightlines.com.

MTE2019: Brightline Demos New cMe2 Huddle Room Light

Bridgeville, Penn. – Sept. 4, 2019 – Brightline, a leading manufacturer of energy efficient lighting systems, will demo its new cMe2 huddle room light and other professional lighting solutions at Media Technology Expo, which begins Sept. 24 at Fremont Studios in Seattle and concludes Sept. 26 at the Leftbank Annex in Portland, Ore. MTE2019 is a free event produced by Advanced Broadcast Solutions, a division of Key Code Media, for video professionals and filmmakers in the Pacific Northwest.

Designed to transform smaller office spaces with inadequate lighting into video-ready communications centers, the cMe2 provides lifelike color reproduction with on-board dimming for easy adjustment. Each cMe2 also includes a credenza stand for quick setup and sharing between rooms, as well as a wall mount bracket for more permanent installations. Two or three units provide balanced, high-color lighting for small groups, while a single cMe2 delivers excellent lighting for an individual videoconferencing participant.

“Our new cMe2 huddle room light is a flexible and affordable choice for small work spaces that need video-ready lighting,” said Kathy Katz, Brightline managing partner. “Whether you’re in a broadcast studio or teleconferencing environment, Brightline is committed to delivering broadcast-quality lighting solutions. MTE is a great opportunity to share our innovative options with broadcasters and AV professionals from across the region.”

Also featured at MTE2019 is the Flex-T, which delivers professional lighting housed in mounting panels designed for drop ceilings. Ideal for conference rooms, government buildings, and nontraditional broadcast environments, its patented design allows the light fixture to be rotated in the panel for precise positioning. Available with one or two light modules, the Flex-T offers the choice of flood or spot optics for customized lighting layouts. Options include PoE control nodes and custom panel colors.

Brightline will also showcase its versatile BL.16 LED spotlight. With a small footprint but long throw, the BL.16 is used for a variety of applications, from city council chambers to news and production sets. Swappable LED cartridges make it easy to change from tungsten to daylight, while mini control screens and a choice of snoots minimize light spill.


About Brightline
A leading manufacturer of energy-efficient lighting systems for broadcast, videoconference, e‑learning, and government, Brightline’s mission is to enable communication through clarity. With more than 5,000 customers in over 35 countries,

Lighting over Internet Protocol – The Next Big Thing in AV

RAVE Publications Recognizes Brightline at Infocomm 2019


RAVE publications, an AV news source showcased over 1600 product videos at InfoComm 2019, including 3 of Brightline’s latest and greatest technologies.

The award-winning PoE Flex-T lighting system:

The newly released cMe2 Huddle Room fixture:

and the Wireless DMX Studio product line:

Infocomm 2019 – Brightline Wins for LoIP


Introducing LoIP, lighting over internet protocol, with the award winning PoE Flex-T.  Named for its highly-flexible configurale modularity, the lighting system eliminates the requirements for certified high-voltage contractors to install, creating the option for integrators to handle the installation of the entire videoconferencing system.


Huddle up—we’ve got big news!

Brightline’s cMe2 is heading to production. Coming soon, the quick set-up Credenza or Wall-mount fixtures provide the ideal tool for those hard-to-light yet perfect-to-collaborate spaces throughout your facilities. Turn any space into a video-ready communications center with the budget-friendly cMe2. The lights have flawless color rendering, on-board dimming, standard black finish, and are supplied with hardware for wall or Credenza mount. Nothing to think about but how many to pre-order!

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