Evolutionary Lighting Systems

Profile Spotlight Series

Mako and Minnow Incorporate Conduction Cooled Design and Versatile Features 

The new Mako and Minnow fixtures come with an ellipsoidal reflector for controlled, long throws and are well-suited for broadcast and production studios and large to mid-size presentation rooms.  The profile LED spotlights offer noise-free conduction cooling without fans.  Available in tunable variable white and RGBW, the Mako uses interchangeable prime lenses, and is designed for long throws.  The Minnow is an ideal key and accent light.  Minnows have a compact zoom lens to facilitate precise and continual adjustment to create the desired beam size.  The fixtures can be utilized as variable white spots and for color-changing effects.  With no fans and no moving parts, the Mako and Minnow provide reliable performance.  The tunable white chip is +95 CRI and allows independent color control with the brightest output and boldest color rendering.  Lighting designers will appreciate these robust, creative new tools.


Brightline makes energy-efficient lighting fixtures for television broadcast-studio, videoconference, e-learning, and government applications.