Evolutionary Lighting Systems


Introducing the NEW LED SeriesONE:

BL.16 LED Fixtures:

No doubt the market is eager for LED technology that provides adequate intensity and color for optimized video camera rendering, and now Brightline delivers the BL.16–16 Energy-Star LEDs in a small footprint that replicates the founding SeriesONE look. Not just the fixture bodies, but the accessories complement SeriesONE as well, with mini control screens and snoots that slide into Brightline’s standard and convenient accessory tracks, with the same trustworthy accessory locking system. Now with tungsten and daylight equivalents, facilities can interchange optics and color temperature cartridges, and mix their LED and fluorescent Brightlines, ensuring continuity of their physical and video aesthetics.

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Brightline makes energy-efficient fluorescent and LED lighting fixtures for television broadcast-studio, videoconference, e-learning, telemedicine, internet-video-streaming, and color-changing applications.