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Critical to Brightline’s success is its ability to control its lighting systems.

In a videoconferencing environment, restricting light is essential to ensure the success of the communication, particularly in regard to protecting information displayed on monitors, white boards, and plasma screens. T-Series control screens, available in degrees of 30, 60, and 90–indicating the thickness of egg crate material–and finishes of aluminum, white, black and custom-color, are the primary tool for directing light.  The control screens are pre-loaded with diffusion material that further reduces chance of disturbance from glare. Dimming control is vital for an optimized videoconference with flexibility. Different complexions, materials, and scenic elements are best served through variable light level adjustment. Brightline serves on the IESNA Standards Committee, committed to supporting global excellence standards for video communications.

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Brightline makes energy-efficient fluorescent and LED lighting fixtures for television broadcast-studio, videoconference, e-learning, telemedicine, internet-video-streaming, and color-changing applications.