ZELo Desktop Studio Light

The ZELo desktop studio light provides studio-quality lighting from any desktop. It has soft and adjustable lighting that can be tilted to provide the most flattering lighting angle. With its variable color temperature, ZELo blends with any ambient room light environment.ZELo ranges from warm light (2700 degrees) to daylight (6500 degrees) and when paired with Brightline’s free app, iOS and Android portable devices can adjust brightness and color temperature, build and store settings, and set timers. ZELo supports voice control through Alexa and Google Assistant devices and features built-in manual controls for easy to change settings.

ZELo’s telescoping arm raises and and lowers the light to provide clearance over most desktop and laptop monitors. Position ZELo lights on either side of a video monitor to replicate studio lighting for remote broadcast news reports or webcasting. Say hello to ZELo.


Crafted with precision, the fixture and base are expertly crafted from durable aluminum, ensuring a sturdy foundation. Complementing its design, the two diffusion plates are constructed from high-quality plastic.

Fixture Finish

Exuding sophistication, the fixture boasts a distinctive two-tone paint finish, elegantly combining powder-coated black and silver hues. The addition of a full-color logo design further enhances its aesthetic appeal.

Power & Control

Experience effortless control with a range of options, including a convenient on/off switch with seamless App synchronization. The inclusion of two touch sliders allows for precise brightness adjustments and color tuning. Enter the world of voice-activated convenience with compatibility through Alexa and Google Assistant. The fixture also offers the capability to play back stored presets. The package includes a versatile power supply with multiple plug-in connectors, accommodating parallel blade and ground, as well as Schuko 2-pin connector options.

LED Technology

Unleash the power of 1300 Lumen LEDs, delivering exceptional brightness with a remarkable 96+CRI (98 TLCI). The fixture offers a customizable color temperature range spanning from 2700K to 6500K, providing adaptability for seasonal affective disorder (SAD) therapy.

Fixture Dimensions and Weight: Designed with both elegance and functionality in mind, the base plate measures 14 x 8 inches (355.6 x 203.2 mm), ensuring stability. The fixture's height is adjustable within a range of 18 to 30 inches (457 to 762 mm), catering to diverse needs. Despite its impressive features, the fixture remains lightweight at 9.2 lbs (4.2 kg), making it effortlessly portable.


Rest assured in the quality of the fixture, as it holds cETL and CE certifications, attesting to its compliance with industry standards.

Fixture Features

Discover an array of premium features designed to enhance your lighting experience:

  • Custom heat sink for optimal performance
  • Internal glare control filter for comfortable illumination
  • External soft light diffusion for a diffused, even light spread
  • Precise focusing handle for fine-tuning light direction
  • Articulating light cell for flexible positioning
  • Adjustable height from 18 to 30 inches (457 to 762 mm)
  • Twist-locking grip for secure adjustments
  • Convenient playback of pre-set memory settings
  • Stable safety base for reliable placement

"What a difference the ZELo makes. That should be mandatory equipment in order for anyone to present themselves from their laptop/PC! My $90 camera looks like a Sony 3 chip! "

Thomas W. Knauss – CTS-D

"All of us at Devlin Design Group use it...we look so much better with pro-lighting!"

Diane “DiFi” Fiolek, 

“ZELo uses a good deal of Brightline L.P.’s studio expertise to produce an LED that’s a league above your average ring light."

From “ZELo Reviewed: A Great Light for Streamers” in RedShark News

"Love mine! It's perfect for video calls too!"

Jeff Corbett, Technical Account Manager at Dagostino Electronic Services, Inc.