• Executive Briefing Room with Flex-T Lighting Fixtures
    multidirectional VC lighting

    Flex-T fixtures provide broadcast-quality, multitask, multidirectional lighting in a format designed for easy installation in any type of ceiling.

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  • Council Chamber Meeting room, Conference Table with Flex-T Lighting Fixtures
    empower your VC

    The Flex-T's patented articulation feature makes them the only fixtures that can be precisely rotated into a desired position during conferencing and then returned flush to the ceiling between sessions or for general task lighting.

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  • sample image
    telepresence that transcends

    A combination of specially engineered aluminum louvers and frosted diffusion filters results in directional illumination that is soft and enveloping, and that can be entirely glare-free—a major advantage in a classroom setting or in the relatively close confines of a telepresence suite.

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  • sample image
    versatile videoconferencing

    Fixtures are available with manual or motorized articulation and a range of dimming protocols for applications that include business and governmental videoconferencing, e-learning, telemedicine and nontraditional studio environments.

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  • sample image
    the broadcast standard

    Brightline's Studio CycSeries color-changing fixtures are revitalizing the aesthetic options for cyclorama and other color-mixing applications while reducing studio energy costs.

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Evolutionary Lighting Systems

Brightline specializes in enhancing the presentation of visual images.

By providing extremely high quality, cost effective, and environmentally responsible lighting solutions,

Brightline helps its customers maximize the efficiencies of diverse technologies and thus realize the full potential of their own visual communications endeavors.


Videoconferencing Lighting

Since their introduction, Brightline’s energy-efficient, patented T-Series systems have been recognized worldwide as the choice for superior performance across the entire spectrum of videoconference applications.

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Studio Lighting

Developed to optimize the use ofenergy-efficient lamp technology for television broadcasting, the Brightline SeriesONE family provides unparalleled performance and reliability in a format engineered specifically to harmonize with today’s digital cameras.

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Energy Efficiency

Brightline’s primary objective is the development and promotion of innovative, energy-efficient lighting technology motivated by a core principle to provide the best economic and technical solutions to our partners with minimal impact on the growing energy demands of our global environment.

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Brightline makes energy-efficient lighting fixtures for television broadcast-studio, videoconference, e-learning, and government applications.