Which Energy-Efficient Solution Fits You Best?

Brightline is dedicated to pioneering and promoting revolutionary energy-efficient lighting technology as a cornerstone of our mission. Our commitment to energy efficiency is driven by two fundamental principles:

Optimal Solutions for You: Energy-efficient products offer the most practical and cost-effective solutions for our valued customers. Our innovative technology not only enhances your lighting quality but also contributes to long-term savings on utility expenses.

Environmental Stewardship: As responsible manufacturers, we recognize the significance of sustainable practices in meeting the world’s escalating energy demands. By championing energy-efficient lighting, we contribute to the global movement to reduce energy consumption and minimize environmental impact.

Brightline’s range of broadcast, videoconferencing, and desktop solutions embodies cutting-edge energy-efficient lamp technology. This foundation, coupled with our exceptional engineering, delivers products with remarkable efficiency and a suite of advantages:

  • Our fixtures drastically lower electrical requirements by up to 90% compared to traditional incandescent broadcast lighting. This translates to significant utility cost savings and a positive impact on the environment.
  • With heat reduction of up to 90%, our solutions contribute to substantial air-conditioning savings, creating comfortable environments for on-air talent, studio personnel, and videoconference participants alike.
  • Energy-efficient LEDs offer an impressive operational lifespan of 50,000 hours, far outperforming typical tungsten-halogen lamps. This results in reduced relamping expenses and less recalibration downtime for studios and venues.
  • Investment in energy-efficient fixtures or retrofits may qualify you for utility incentives or rebate programs, further enhancing the return on your investment.
  • The medium-market broadcast studios typically achieve a payback/ROI in under two years, while 24-hour operation studios experience even quicker payback times.

Curious about the energy savings potential for your facility? Contact Brightline at 1.412.206.0106, ext. 109. By providing insight into your current utility rates, electrical consumption, and operational parameters, we can offer you a precise timeline for the return on your investment in energy-efficient Brightline systems.

Broadcast and Production


Broadcast TV Studios

Elevate your broadcast quality with lighting solutions designed for TV studios. Illuminate your content with precision and create engaging visuals that leave a lasting impact.


Production/Sports Studios

From sports highlights to dynamic productions, our lighting solutions enhance every moment with vivid clarity and dynamic effects.


Universities/Education Studios

Illuminate minds and inspire learning through our tailored lighting solutions for educational settings. Create an immersive atmosphere that supports effective teaching and collaboration.


Government/Military Studios

Achieve optimal visual clarity for government and military applications. Our lighting solutions enhance communication and decision-making in critical scenarios.

Videoconferencing and Collaboration



Empower the virtual classroom with lighting that captivates, engages, and supports effective e-learning experiences.


Government Videoconferencing

Foster efficient communication across government agencies with our sophisticated lighting solutions for videoconferencing.


Corporate Collaboration

Enhance collaboration within corporate settings, enabling effective communication and ideation among teams.


Huddle Room/Hoteling

Create productive huddle spaces with lighting that promotes teamwork and efficient communication, turning any space into a hub of innovation.


Desktop Remote

Stay connected from anywhere with our lighting solutions optimized for desktop remote setups, ensuring you’re always ready for virtual meetings.