SeriesONE L1.2 LED Studio Fixture

Designed for broadcast and videoconferencing, the L1.2 soft light offers high-quality lighting with DMX control. The fixture utilizes > 97 CRI LEDs to emit high quality illumination for broadcast and videoconferencing applications.

Weighing less than 13 pounds, the compact fixture is an asset when working with tight spaces.

In addition to its extraordinary performance, the L1.2 features variable white color temperature, supporting optimized color matching throughout changes in ambient light.


14-gauge formed aluminum sheet metal construction. Heat sink is made of aluminum extrusion. The driver can be serviced without removing the light engine or mixing chamber.

Fixture Body Finish

Metallic steel gray finish is standard, with custom colors available.


A removable 12-ft (3.7-m) power cord with a NEMA 5-15P plug is standard. Other plug types are available as options. The fi xture is protected by an externally removable fuse with onboard spare. Power draw is 200 watts.


All LED Drivers are high-frequency electronic, with a power factor >.90, THD <20%, and a Class A sound rating. LED Drivers are mounted internally to the fi xture housing. The power and control inputs are on the handle. The dimming protocol is DMX/RDM.

LED Technology

The fixture emits high quality illumination (>97 CRI) for broadcast and videoconferencing applications with variable white color temperature from 3200 to 5600 degrees Kelvin.


Fixture has a 10-gauge horizontal extruded aluminum yoke, with palm handles standard. Each fi xture is supplied with a 2-inch OD C-clamp with an integral safety cable.


A variety of accessories are available.

Fixture Dimensions and Weight

13.50-in (342.90-mm) wide x 12.49-in (317.16-mm) high x 10.37-in (263.41-mm) deep. Overall width of the fi xture increases to 16.74-in (425.07-mm), with the palm handles included. Fixture Weight: 12.58-lb (5.71-kg)

See shipping information chart for gross weights and dimensions.



“With large, dynamic LED screens like we have at WCIV, you need lighting that will easily balance between flesh tones, set color and the LED wall. Being able to set up lighting from the start exactly as we need has made it easier to produce a balanced, consistent look. With lighting being such a major part of the project, partnering with Brightline L.P. is always a win.”

Mark Nadeau, Director of TV Production, Sinclair Broadcast Group