Lupolux Superpanel LED Dual Color 30

The Ultra Panel 30 DC from Lupo consumes up to 50 percent less energy when compared to traditional lighting systems. The panels’ high luminous efficacy ensures bright and even illumination.

Featuring dimmable and color temperature-adjustable capabilities, the Ultra Panel 30 DC provides unparalleled customization, allowing users to create the desired ambiance for any setting.

The panel’s long lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements guarantee years of service. Backed by the latest Direct Current technology, the Ultra Panel 30 DC also ensures stable and flicker-free lighting, making it an ideal choice for spaces that demand consistent, high-quality illumination.


Fixture body crafted from carbon fiber with a matte black finish.


  • Rated for a 50,000-hour life span.
  • Available in dual color (3200°K to 5600°K) or full color (RGBWW) configurations.
  • Power draw of 110 watts with 0-100 dimming capability and LED temperature detection.


  • DMX 0-100 dimming both in and out.
  • Equipped with standard XLR 5-pin connectors for DMX connection.
  • Supports DMX 512 and can switch to local dimming.


  • Compatible with 90V to 240V power input.
  • Low power consumption:
    • 200 watts for Superpanel 30 Dual and Full Color.
    • 400 watts for Superpanel 60 Dual and Full Color.


  • Comes with yoke, c-clamp, or stand mount.
  • Optional accessories include barn doors, diffusion, padded bag, and battery mount.


  • CE certified