Lupolux Superpanel LED Full Color 60

Boasting dimensions of 60cm x 60cm, this panel combines RGBW (Red, Green, Blue, White) color mixing with technical precision. Equipped with high-performance LEDs, the panel offers precise color rendering and a wide color gamut, allowing for dynamic lighting displays. The RGBW feature provides access to a spectrum of vibrant colors while maintaining superior white light quality. This equips you with an extensive palette of colors, while maintaining exceptional white light quality.

With the ability to fine-tune color temperature, saturation, and intensity, users can craft unique lighting atmospheres. The integration of Direct Current (DC) technology ensures flicker-free operation.

The energy efficiency and longevity of the LEDs minimize downtime and operational costs, aligning with your commitment to sustainable lighting solutions.


Fixture body crafted from carbon fiber with a matte black finish.


  • Rated for a 50,000-hour life span.
  • Available in dual color (3200°K to 5600°K) or full color (RGBWW) configurations.
  • Power draw of 110 watts with 0-100 dimming capability and LED temperature detection.


  • DMX 0-100 dimming both in and out.
  • Equipped with standard XLR 5-pin connectors for DMX connection.
  • Supports DMX 512 and can switch to local dimming.


  • Compatible with 90V to 240V power input.
  • Low power consumption:
    • 200 watts for Superpanel 30 Dual and Full Color.
    • 400 watts for Superpanel 60 Dual and Full Color.


  • Comes with yoke, c-clamp, or stand mount.
  • Optional accessories include barn doors, diffusion, padded bag, and battery mount.


  • CE certified