The Stealth-T line of in-ceiling videoconferencing fixtures presents an innovative complement to the Flex-T family of multidirectional lighting. The Stealth-T offers an unobtrusive, energy-efficient, and cost-effective lighting solution that is well-suited for a variety of applications, including e-learning and videoconferencing.

Measuring less than five inches in height, the Stealth-T combines specially engineered aluminum louvers and frosted diffusion filters to create directional illumination that is entirely glare-free. With interchangeable louver options and different configurations available, users are assured accurate coverage of all potential on-camera positions. Like the Flex-T, all components, including drivers, are accessible from below the fixture through a spring-loaded louver frame that pulls down and then returns flush to the ceiling. Stealth-T fixtures can be used exclusively or in conjunction with strategically placed Flex-T units.


Die-formed, cold-rolled steel sheet housing. Aluminum louvers. Fixture can be used in a 24-in, 600-mm lay-in grid ceiling or cut into drywall or plaster.

Fixture Body Finish

Fixture body is painted with high-gloss, electrostatically applied white enamel finish. Louver and louver frame are painted with low-gloss Easy White finish (Tiger Drylac 449/11707 smooth flat).

Low Voltage Control

19" Rack-mounted driver is available with up to 600w of power. Multiple drivers can be linked for any size project. Low voltage control available for 120-230V applications.

Power Over Ethernet Control

Fixture are available with PoE control nodes. Consult with factory for specification of complete PoE systems. PoE Control available for 120-230V applications.

LED Technology

The fixture utilizes LED modules to emit high quality illumination (>97 CRI) for videoconferencing and general lighting applications.


All drivers are high-frequency electronic, with a power factor >.90 and a THO 20%. Drivers are mounted in the fixture housing. The power and control inputs are from the back or top of fixtures. Fixtures can be provided for operation on 120V, 230V, or 277V, 50-60 Hz.

Louver Frame

Die-cut, cold-rolled steel with four (4) pull down spring latches. Louver frame can be removed from fixture without use of tools.


Louvers are available for angled operation (approximately 45°) in one direction (FW and CA option) or bidirectionally (Bl option). Louvers are also available for vertical downward-throw operation (ON option).  Louvers are backed with a matte white diffusion.


The overall dimension of the fixture body (with the exception of the louver frame) is 23.75- x 23.75- x 4.8-in (603.25- x 603.25- x 122-mm). The approximate weight of the fixture is 26-lb (11.8-kg); includes louver.