The LED VideoPlus Indirect (LVCI) series from Brightline offers top-tier video lighting with an added emphasis on indirect illumination, all packaged within a sophisticated linear fixture. Available in both 2-foot and 4-foot variants, these fixtures feature a sleek 6-inch aperture that seamlessly integrates into drywall, acoustical lay-in, or custom ceilings, ensuring a modern and streamlined appearance. The ingenious design allows for multi-directional light dispersion, providing a harmonious blend of task and video lighting through a single 6-inch opening. The LED VideoPlus Indirect (LVCI) is equipped with high-quality LEDs boasting a high Color Rendering Index (CRI), combining energy-efficient performance with exceptional visual output. Notably, the LVCI incorporates a distinctive fin-like louver that is an integral part of the fixture’s design, further enhancing its aesthetic appeal.


Fixture housing is made of formed, cold-rolled sheet steel.

Fixture Body Finish

Low-gloss Signal White finish (Ral #9003, 20% Gloss) is standard, with custom colors available.

Low Voltage Control

19” Rack-mounted driver is available with up to 600w of power. Multiple drivers can be linked for any size project. Low voltage control available for 120-230V applications.

Power Over Ethernet Control

Fixture is available with PoE control nodes. Consult with factory for specification of complete PoE systems. PoE Control available for 120-230V applications.

LED Technology

The fixture utilizes mid-power LEDs with high-quality illumination (>97 CRI) for videoconferencing and general lighting applications. Each fixture module has a power consumption of 44 watts.


All drivers are high-frequency electronic, with a power factor > .90, THD < 20%, and a Class A sound rating. Drivers are mounted internally.


Reflector is formed aluminum White-Optics sheet-metal construction, featuring 95% reflectance.


Fixture can be mounted in a suspended, lay-in grid ceiling. Optional drywall frame kit available.


Fixture Dimensions and Weight

  • 2-ft x 2-ft: 23.75- x 23.75- x 7.08-in (603.25- x 603.25- x 179.62-mm)
  • Fixture Weight: 22-lb (10-kg)
  • See the shipping information chart for gross weights and dimensions