BNC Studio

About Us

Brightline makes energy-efficient lighting fixtures for television broadcast-studio, videoconference, e-learning, and government applications.

“Lighting creates an emotional attachment to a physical space.”

– Kathy Katz, Brightline Managing Partner

Communication through Clarity 

As the world becomes smaller and global information networks proliferate at a dizzying pace, the ability of pictures to instantly transcend borders and cultures becomes ever more important. Brightline’s mission is to enable communication through clarity. By providing extremely high quality, cost effective, and environmentally responsible lighting solutions, Brightline helps its customers maximize the efficiencies of diverse technologies and realize the full potential of their own visual communications endeavors.

Brightline managing partners, Sam Cercone and Kathy Katz, are industry veterans with more than 50 years of combined experience in broadcast production, lighting, studio design, and manufacturing. Together with a dedicated engineering, fabrication, and sales team, real-world expertise results in products that combine the latest technological advances with long-proven performance and reliability.

With its emphasis on customizable solutions, the Brightline team brings its wealth of knowledge of creative lighting to every customer interaction. The Brightline Difference is a company-wide, singular focus on designs tailored to specific customer needs.

Brightline Firsts

Through the years, the company’s emphasis on flexibility and responsiveness to the evolving needs of its clientele has resulted in an impressive list of innovations, among them:

  • The first directional fluorescent videoconference fixture (the patented T-Series) that articulates from a T-bar ceiling and then returns to a flush position.
  • The first broadcast and videoconference fixtures that can automatically adjust to levels of ambient light.
  • The first studio systems in which each fixture, through a digital ballast interface, can be assigned a discreet IP address and controlled remotely from a central location.
  • The first T5, red/green/blue color-changing lighting systems with 120-V operation.
  • The first two-wire, 55-watt, fluorescent phase-control ballast with 120-V operation.
  • The first Power Over Ethernet broadcast-quality light.
  • The first variable white broadcast-quality Huddle Room light.
  • The first variable white broadcast-quality Remote Desktop light.