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Brightline understands the dynamic needs of today’s station environments and brings decades of experience to its broadcast projects. Long-standing clientele including ABC, CBS, Fox, Gannett, Hearst, MSNBC, NBC, Scripps, and Sinclair Broadcast Groups benefit from the company’s knowledge. 

Reliable, well-balanced Brightline lighting provides versatile creative tools, complemented by operational efficiencies. With a full complement of fixture types, Brightline systems bring lighting visions to life, evenly washing key walls, softly balancing sets, and sculpting talent in crisp lighting. With near-perfect color-rendering, video colors are natural and well-saturated, accurately reproduced for an engaging broadcast. 

Due to the electrical efficacies of LED technology, Brightline broadcasters enjoy lowered utility costs and a near maintenance-free, stable look.

Seamlessly integrating into most control systems, Brightline studio lights can be operated through most theatrical consoles, and its latest studio product innovations include wireless RDM (Remote Device Management) control with variable white color.   

With the original SeriesONE studio lights a mainstay at thousands of TV Stations, Brightline designed a LED retrofit kit to give new life to fluorescent fixtures being forced into obsolescence.   With the kit and the complementary LED L1.3, countless studios have effectively up cycled their lights.

Adding ellipsoidal tools to their systems, Brightline offers a dual color and RGBAL Minnow and the larger, Mako, and mixes in various fresnels and panel lights by Lupo, providing robust studio lighting solutions.  Brightline’s ceiling-recessed product line is well-suited to newsrooms, and facilitates a consistent video look across an entire broadcast enterprise.  




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