The versatile Flex-T lights can be installed in any type of ceiling and bring broadcast-quality lighting to vast range of video environments. The Flex-Ts’ patented articulation feature makes them the only fixtures that can be precisely rotated into a desired position during conferencing and then returned flush to the ceiling between sessions or for general task lighting.

Fixtures are available with manual articulation and a range of dimming protocols for applications including business and governmental videoconferencing, e-learning, telemedicine, video streaming, and non-traditional studio environments.

Flex-T’s feature high-quality illumination (> 97 CRI). Each module comes with a flood or spot beam control option and has a power consumption of 32 watts. Flex-T fixtures provide extremely high-quality, multi-task, multi-directional lighting in a design that’s easy to install in any type of ceiling. The Flex-T’s latest innovations include RDM (remote device management) with DMX-512 control and variable white color.


The fixture housing is made of formed, cold-rolled sheet steel.  The heat sink is made of 6063-T5 aluminum extrusion.

Fixture Body Finish

Low-gloss Signal White finish (Ral #9003, 20% Gloss) is standard, with custom colors available.


All drivers are high-frequency electronic, with a power factor >.95, THD <10%, and a Class A sound rating. Drivers are mounted in the fixture module housing. The power and control inputs are on the back of fixtures. Operational voltage is universal, 120 - 277V.

RDM Control

DMX 512 Remote device management available with bi-directional communication for address, status, temperature, and life expectancy.

Low Voltage Control

19” Rack-mounted driver is available with up to 600w of power.  Multiple drivers can be linked for any size project. Low voltage control available for 120-230V applications.

Power Over Ethernet Control

Fixtures are available with PoE control nodes.  Consult with factory for specification of complete PoE systems. PoE Control available for 120-230V applications.

LED Technology

The fixture utilizes mid-power LEDs with high-quality illumination (>97 CRI) for videoconferencing and general lighting applications. Each fixture module has a power consumption of 32 watts.

Directional Beam Angle

The module components are adjustable +/- 55 degrees.

Fixture Carriage (Module)

One module fixture is available.  Each module comes with a spot or flood beam control option.

Fixture Dimensions and Weight

Inch Panel: 2ft x 2ft

23.75 X  23.75 X 7in

(603.25 x 603.25 x 115.3mm)

Metric Panel: 600mm x 600mm

595 x 595 x 115.3mm

(23.43 X  23.43 X  7in)

Fixture Weight (1 module): 16.00 lbs (7.26kg)

Fixture Weight (2 module): 24.51lbs (11.12kg)

Inch Panel: 1ft x 2ft (only available with 2 modules)

11.75 X  23.75 X  7in

(298.45 x 603.25 x 115.3mm)

Metric Panel: 300mm x 600mm

298 x 595 x 115.3mm

(11.71 X  23.43 X  7in)

Fixture Weight: 21.45lbs (9.73kg)

Single Module: 6in x 2ft (inch only)

(5.75 X 23.75 X  7in)

(146.05 x 603.25 x 115.3mm)

Fixture Weight: 9.50lbs (4.31kg)

See shipping information chart for gross weights and dimensions.



“Their performance is phenomenal. They create a nice, even wash that looks great on video. The lighting is nicely diffused, so there are not a lot of shadows or fall off from light to dark. It’s just a very even lighting pattern, even over as large an area as we have."

Colin Sandy, Sandy Audio Visual LLC.

“Lighting makes all the difference. We have studio lights, but they’re obtrusive. We needed to find a solution – and Brightline was the solution.”

Brian Summerall, Director, the Tod Bush Leadership Center