Snap, Inc. Purchases Over 100 ZELo Desktop Studio Lights

ZELo offers several convenient and easy ways to adjust lighting. You can use the simple touch sliders on the base of the device. The ZELo app is available on iPhone or Android. With its built-in Alexa and Google Assistant, you can tell your light, “Hey Google, turn ZELo on.  Make ZELo 3200 degrees Kelvin.” Or “Alexa, make ZELo warmer. Make ZELo brighter.”

Snap, Inc., developers of the mobile app Snapchat, went all in for our  ZELos, ordering over 100 of the desktop studio lights. After ordering a small amount of ZELo lights directly from the Brightline website, the Snap A/V department tested them and subsequently ordered 100 additional ZELos.

“It’s a real validation of what we’ve created with ZELo that we’ve received such a large order from Snap,” said Kathy Katz, Brightline managing partner. “They’re a technology company that prizes high-quality video. We couldn’t be happier that they’ve selected our desktop studio lights. ZELo was designed to meet the demanding specifications of broadcasters, but professionals from a variety of industries are now using it to improve their appearance for online sales meetings, conferences, and classes. With ZELo, your audience can concentrate on your message instead of poor imaging.”