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The Stealth-T line of in-ceiling videoconference fixtures presents an exciting and innovative complement to Brightline’s extremely successful Flex-T family of multidirectional VC lighting.

Drawing on the company’s expertise in broadcast-quality, ceiling-mounted technology, the Stealth-T offers an unobtrusive, energy-efficient, and cost-effective complete lighting solution that is particularly well-suited for e-learning and telepresence applications.

Designed for installation in any ceiling with standard 2- x 2-ft (600- x 600-mm) panels The Stealth-T measures less than 5 inches in height. A combination of specially engineered aluminum louvers and frosted diffusion filters results in directional illumination that is soft and enveloping, and that can be entirely glare-free—a major advantage in a classroom setting or in the relatively close confines of a telepresence suite. Louver options are interchangeable, and the different configurations—45°, bidirectional 45°, or vertical—ensure accurate coverage of all potential on-camera positions in addition to fulfilling the requirements of general room task lighting.

Stealth-T fixtures are available with a range of fully dimmable drivers. For convenient maintenance, all components, including drivers, are accessible from below the fixture through a spring-loaded louver frame that pulls down and then returns flush to the ceiling.

Depending on the setting, Stealth-T fixtures can be used exclusively or in conjunction with strategically placed Flex-T units. Either way, Brightline customers now have a dynamic new means of benefiting from the unmatched performance and reliability of the market’s most acclaimed videoconference lighting products.

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Brightline makes energy-efficient lighting fixtures for television broadcast-studio, videoconference, e-learning, and government applications.